Custom Soccer Gear

At Bounce Athletics we produce NFHS and FIFA approved custom soccer balls for camps, rec programs, clubs, high schools, and colleges, across North America and beyond. We also specialize in custom soccer pinnies, custom reversible tryout pinnies, and custom futsal balls.  Email us today at to receive a complimentary sample.

Clubs and Camps Currently Using Custom Soccer Balls From Bounce Athletics Include:


“Switching to the custom match balls from Bounce Athletics was one of the best changes we’ve ever made to our tournament in over 19 years!!! I did not receive one complaint!!! Players, coaches, referees, ball tenders, and spectators all complimented me on the quality of the ball and the awesome design and logo! Everyone agreed that it made playing in the dome and on the turf the best it has ever been!!! It really raised the level of play!!!

We will continue to use the turf ball and continue our business relationship with Bounce Athletics!!! Working with the Bounce was not work at all, it was a pleasure!!! I’m beyond thrilled with this decision and change, making our tournament so much more awesome!!”

Amy L. Niemi, Director – Superior Dome Soccer Tournament
“Bounce Athletics provides the high quality skills balls that Beast Mode Soccer requires for all of our sessions. Ordering is easy, and they worked tirelessly until we were happy with the design.”
David Copeland Smith, Beast Mode Soccer