Custom Skill Balls

These size 1 and 2 Skills Balls and size 3 Jugglers are perfect for accelerating skill acquisition. They are also a great fundraiser for your soccer club and can increase your soccer organization’s profile. Why give out medals for rec league or tournament participation when you can give players a practical training tool for the same price? 32-panel machine-stitched mini custom skills balls can help build your team’s skill level or promote your organization.We are so positive that your organization will love our custom soccer balls that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • All prices include complete customization with your logo/color scheme and shipping.
  • Air shipping is available year-round. Ocean shipping is available during specific ordering windows. See Step No. 2 for details.
  • All models are customized with your logo and color scheme in your choice of our 4 designs.
  • In addition to the overall minimum order, orders consisting of less than 50 balls per size/design require a $25 setup fee per size/design.