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All Prices Include FREE Shipping in the Continental U.S.

To place an order please contact us at teamsales@bounceathletics.com or call 1-888-771-0163

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Responsive machine-stitched TPU. Ideal for youth camps and practices on any surface. Butyl bladder for maximum air retention. Compare to $20 name brand balls like the Adidas Glider, Nike Pitch, and Under Armour Blur. Size 3, 4, & 5.

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25+ Balls


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100+ Balls


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The ultimate training ball, and a worthy match ball, at an incredible value. FIFA inspected. Our premium training balls features a luxurious textured PU cover for a supple first-touch. Hybrid construction fuses micro-stitching and thermal bonding to provide the most advanced production methods available. Butyl bladder for maximum air retention. This ball is very lively and responsive. The perfect select/premier club or high school training ball. Compare to $40-$45 name brand training balls like the Select Target DB. Size 5 only.

5+ Balls


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25+ Balls


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At Bounce Athletics we produce NFHS and FIFA approved custom soccer balls for camps, rec programs, clubs, high schools, and colleges, across North America and beyond. We also specialize in custom soccer pinnies, custom reversible tryout pinnies, and custom futsal balls. Email us today at info@bounceathletics.com to receive a complimentary sample.

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