Soccer Fundraising Ideas


  • Sell custom soccer training balls in your club store.
  • Provide every player with a quality, custom ball and build the price of the ball into your player fees (with or without a markup).
  • Sell tournament balls, replicas, jugglers, and/or mini balls in the concession stand at your tournaments.
  • Use the extra revenue for scholarships or coaching education.


  • Many camps are selling our camp balls in their camp store to generate extra revenue. The campers eat them up, as do their little brothers and sisters when they come with Mom and Dad to pick up their camper.
  • Offer our jugglers and/or mini balls in the camp store or on the camp website as a way to generate revenue, promote skill development, and promote your camp.

High Schools

  • Sell custom balls, minis, and/or jugglers in your concession stand to generate revenue for your program.

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