Custom Skills Balls

These size 1 and 2 Skills Balls and size 3 Jugglers are perfect for accelerating skill acquisition. They are also a great fundraiser for your soccer club and can increase your soccer organization’s profile. Why give out medals for rec league or tournament participation when you can give players a practical training tool for the same price? 32-panel machine-stitched mini custom skills balls can help build your team’s skill level or promote your organization.We are so positive that your organization will love our custom soccer balls that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Step #1 – Select your custom skills ball

Example of our customized size 1 or 2 skills ball

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100+ Balls


250+ Balls


500+ Balls


1000+ Balls


(Must be ordered in increments of 40.)

Example of our customized size 3 juggler ball

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100+ Balls


250+ Balls


500+ Balls


1000+ Balls


(Must be ordered in increments of 30.)

Step #2 – Select your shipping method: Order Early for Free Shipping!

Included in the ball prices listed above if you order within the following windows:

Spring Season – Custom Soccer Balls Delivered around March 1st Order by October 31st
Early Camp Season- Custom Soccer Balls Delivered around April 15th  Order by December 15th 
June Camps- Custom Soccer Balls Delivered around June 1st Order by January 31st 
July Camps- Custom Soccer Balls Delivered around July 1st Order by February 28th 
 Fall/Winter Season – Custom Soccer Balls Delivered around August 1st Order by March 31st

* Option #1 is only available to Continental U.S. customers.

Air shipping is available anytime. Turnaround from finalizing your order to receiving your custom soccer balls is 4-8 weeks depending on the type of ball, quantity, and destination.  Available to all global customers. To receive an estimate please email us at or call us at 1-888-771-0163 and let us know your projected ball order, when you would like them delivered by, and the shipping zip or postal code. 

Step #3 – Select Your Favorite Custom Design:

Custom soccer ball design choices

Step #4 – Place Your Order:

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Ordering Information

Ordering Basics:  These are custom soccer balls that require the approval of a final design proof. As a result,  we don’t have a shopping cart on our website. Please  E-Mail Us for an exact quote and to begin the design proof process.

Lot Quantities:  Size 3 balls must be ordered in lots of 30.  Sizes 2 balls must be ordered in lots of 40.

Customization: Price includes application of your 1-4 color logo on any of our designs. Additional logo colors  or modification of these designs is subject to design and production set-up fees.

Payment: 50% due upon order confirmation and 50% due upon delivery. We accept club or school checks as well as credit cards.


Custom Skills Ball

Custom Skills Balls for Beast Mode Soccer

Bounce is the exclusive custom skills ball supplier of Beast Mode Soccer. Beast Mode is one of the most progressive training methodologies in the world and it is utilized by members of the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Team.

“Bounce Athletics provides the high-quality custom skills balls that Beast Mode Soccer requires for all of our sessions. Ordering is easy, and they worked tirelessly until we were happy with the design.”
– David Copeland-Smith